Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen

Its my first blog post how exciting!  lets talk . Have you ever went to a training or completed online modules that was boring ? The content you know is important and that it applies to your job but you cant stay focused because either your tired from working and school and you can’t focus on the small letters on the screen, or the really dry voice that plays. Raises hand that me , after the second cup of coffee I try to take notes to keep awake. Training should not be so dull and boring. Learning to me is amazing , fun, it should include colors , sound , graphics, everything to keep the attention of the learner.

I began researching different blogs reading on how I can gain some insight to provide feedback to my current trainers as all of my representatives have expressed some form of dissatisfaction as it relates to training.  In customer service especially healthcare customer service , it is important that the information is received and understood as their entire job impacts some ones lively hood. Providing incorrect information in any form can cause a problem financially and or health wise.

Training in my eyes should be fun. Period. You should love to learn some thing new that can help you grow in what ever the area the training relates to.   So as I was reading one of my new favorite bloggers, Cathy-Moore wrote a great post regarding eye candy as she called it in training’s. She demonstrated two scenarios with the same content. The first scenario was long and full of pictures, however the second was plain and easy on the eyes. The background used on the second example was subtle.  I learned that bells and whistles do not have to be in the form of overload of pictures and bright graphics.

Sticking with the topic of graphics , Connie Malamed , writer of Understanding Graphics discusses visual language design. This blogger does a great job at breaking information down in away that is easily understood. Finally in my quest on finding resources to learn some best practices from I went on a search of a blogger who helps me understand the way people learn.  Dr. Jeremy Dean’s  writer of PSYBLOG discusses how the mind works. The information in the three blogs have helped me so much by allowing me to understand other ways to do things, or the why’s behind some behaviors during learning.

I hope this information can help you as it did I as my entire goal and commitment in my life is to be a change agent for good.


Until next timeLearn .jpg

Trish T




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