Mind Map Connectivism



One thought on “Mind Map Connectivism

  1. My mind map! In making this map of my mind and how I learn , it allowed me to see all the factors that impact my learning. My day to day consists of work, school, and family. Before being a mother, work, school and family consisted of waking up and worrying about me solely. I did not have to worry about being off from work at a particular time to run and get kids. I could work as late as needed and the same applied to the school. Marriage and children changed the dynamics of my network. Due to the new additions to my system I had to learn how to balance everything. My learning changed because traditional classroom set up wasn’t going to work. Online learning environments became the best solution.
    My MacBook and surface have now become my new best friends. These tools allow me to access my school settings on the go. Because all communication is online with classmates as well as professors, when I have a question or concern, I reach out to my peers. In the discussion area, I can reply to their comments and ask questions and follow up by the end of the week for a response. In my social sphere, I learn from media and real time situations that are diverse and include various opinions and perspectives. I maintain my connections by keeping communication paths open in all areas. Part of Connectivism is that learning comes from the diversity of thoughts and opinions. Learning doesn’t have to get directly from a traditional setting. Making connections between concepts and ideas and sometimes tying them into real life scenarios in my day to day help me learn the most. When I can apply what I learn at work or home or even sharing on let’s say LinkedIn I have successfully mastered that area.
    To me, Connectivism is a major piece of learning.


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