Learning Theories



As you know or may not know if this your first time reading, I am in school for Instructional Design. In class this week we focused on the technological aspect of education. We live in a fast-paced world, and it seems that everything is about convenience. I feel that I need convenience to be successful as my schedule is work, school, kids, repeat. One question I get often is how do you balance everything and learn and retain information with everything going on? My answer is always structure. I use a list for everything. Let us get started on these questions.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, how has your view on how you learn changed?

When it comes to learning theories and methods, I am finding that I have a mix of things going on. I apply cognitive theory, as sometimes my thoughts can determine my emotions. Being an adult learner, I find that I learn based on application exercises and discussions.

What have you learned about the various learning theories and learning styles over the past weeks that can further explain your personal learning preferences?

I found out that there is no right theory or learning style. People will adapt to what feels right. I know that I like to discuss topics as it provides me with additional information to help me comprehend. I believe learning comes from reading for understanding not just memorizing.

What role does technology play in your learning (i.e., as a way to search for information, to record information, to create, etc.)

Technology plays a significant role in how I learn. I go everywhere with my Surface and iPhone. I can access information about everything immediately. Being an online student technology must be embraced right along with the change. Technology allows me to create the post for my blog, research class homework, discuss lessons, manage the kid’s calendar, etc.

In my opinion, there is no correct learning theory that I as an Instructional designer should default to. People are different due to culture, and because of differences whether how they were raised or experiences, they will learn in a different way.

Thanks for reading .. Trish


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